10th March - MORE MORE MORE! Fresh, But Old Nebb, New Burgs, Red Hot New Packs


Here's a hard truth. Not all old red wine is good. But some of it is good. Nebbiolo does better than most, as does Petterino. This is one of those pursuits of ultimate expression. Forgoing of financial needs in order for the wines to show their best. I've just received some 2010 Reg and 2008 Riserva. Weird to think that's the current release. Both are stellar vintages in the region, and the prices are absurd considering both quality and provenance. These deserve a good sit down, the right food and maybe even an open fire. A boy can dream. Make your own dream come true here.

Off to the Macon. Second Rate Chardy Territory Turned First Rate. I'll start with a new discovery and end with a classic discovery. Domaine de Thalie! This stood out big time recently. Tasted in a bit mob of white stuff, it had star power. This comes from the 'Bray' sub-appellation. Appellation within an appellation. Inception. This doesn't need to mean anything to you. What should mean something is a high degree of power and poise, ample freshness and all the other good things I look for. Yummy wine here.

Now the classic. I nabbed a couple of older bottles of Valette. 2015 from Chaintré. Punchy, trippy, in your face in style. This rewards time and patience. It needs air. Give it a decant if you have. Sit yourself down and let it unfurl. Food helps. Food always helps. As does an open mind if you're on your Valette V Plates. A worthy wine for consummation. Two available. Get one here.

All that Jura on Tuesday night left me both quite hungover but also keen for more. Fortunately some more Buronfosse just rocked up. Another Savagnin, ouille style (this means topped up so non-oxy). Get one of these and hit your local fromagerie. Thank me later. Tour de force. It's worth loading on these wines before they become the next producer you can't buy anymore. Try one here.

Finalllllyyyyy. Some new packs just went online. Trying to make it easy for you, remember. Have a go here.



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