15th March - Viva España! New Envinate, Zorzal, Tameran, Peixes!


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Normally I despise going in early on a Monday to receive deliveries, but yesterday was a different story. It's hitting peak allocation season, and a red hot shipment of Spanish goodness has hit the shelves. It's almost enough to make you want to pack it all in and move to Benidorm. Almost.

Let me kick off with the 2020 releases from Envinate. Gonna focus on their Tenerifan gear as my measly allocation of single vineyard Lousas has already sold. I can't wait to wrap my lips around these wines. I got some mags in of Palo Blanco and Migan which will be poured by the glass at dan's in the coming weeks. The rest of it is up for grabs, minus the 6pk of each I've set aside for personal consumption. If that's not an endorsement then I should probably quit. These are the ones.

Nice segway over to Gran Canaria and Bodegas Tamerán, a new project between Jonathan from Suertes del Marques and David Silva, a half decent footballer. Seems like a match made in heaven that could go horribly wrong but the wines are astonishingly good. These are very limited, so have a crack here if you're keen on mineral driven, high altitude whites with individual personality. Top Bins Right Here.

Back to the mainland now with Viña Zorzal, hailing from up in Navarra (next to Rioja for those playing at home). Extreme value to be had here. Both viticulture and winemaking has been on the steep improve in these parts in recent times, with this lot at the forefront. Purity, primary fruit and refreshing drinking experiences are guiding forces. Very much the Modern Spain. A bit more hip pocket friendly too which is always super dooper nice! Take a look 4 yourself.

Last but not least! Peixes! Which is Spanish for Fish! Or Pisces for my astrological geeks! How are my moons looking atm? These wines are made by the good guys at Fedellos do Couto, who can do very little wrong in my eyes. These are lifted field blends, made in the old way. Everything thrown in, red and white, wild yeasts, a mix of concrete and old oak. We're after lift, spice and that regional fruit character. It's a winning combo. Win for yourself right here.

A few spots left for the April Chardy tasting, which has very little relevance in the context of a Spanish email, but is extremely relevant in the context of drinking supremely good wine and learning a bit too. See below.


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