What's up winos,

    This is very much an email of two halves, depending on where on this lovely island you're based. If you live in London, tomorrow at 2.30pm is your LAST CHANCE for guaranteed pre-Xmas delivery. If you live outside of London, next Tuesday is your LAST CHANCE for guaranteed pre-NYE delivery. Since next Tuesday is, famously, Boxing Day, I doubt you're going to be on our website shopping for booze (no shade if you are, just my own personal experience of Boxing Day is that I want to be as far away from alcohol as possible, but you're probably cooler than me). So consider this your final reminder, outside of London people! Don't come crying to me if you don't get your order sorted in time and you have to buy that 'champagne' behind the counter in the offie that's been gathering dust for ten years. 

    Speaking of New Year's - now seems like a good time to start talking all things fizz. Whether you're celebrating a fruitful and wonderful 2023, or toasting to seeing the back of a terrible year, there's only one kind of wine that'll fit the bill, and that's fizz. My personal favourite, as it happens.

    Two new wallet friendly bottles just landed, so if you really went wild on buying Christmas presents this year and didn't leave anything over for your booze budget, I got u. Got a lovely, cloudy, natural Prosecco from the Veneto, and a fresh, zingy Cava from Tarragona, both sliding in at (almost) under £20. Bargain much? Also under £20 is this lovely citrussy number from the Penedes, with a hint of something floral. Fantastic.

    If you've been saving your pennies all year for this, you could do a lot worse than splashing out on this latest arrival from Laherte Freres. This is 100% Pinot Meunier, more usually used as a back-up dancer in a Champagne blend, but in the safe hands of Laherte Freres it's more than capable of holding its own in a single varietal bottling. No malo means this is all chiselled acidity and spice. Something special to say hiya to 2024 with. If you like a bit more beef in your fizz (if you know what I mean? What do I mean? I'm tired) this, also from the great minds at Laherte Freres has some more body in it, perfect for dishing up next to your canapes. What do you mean, you're not making canapes? Yes you are!

    If you like your fizz classic in style but without the accompanying price tag, these English fizzers from Tim Wildman are the way to go. Trad method sparkling sourced from abandoned estates in Kent. Did you ever think you'd see the day? The day is here, let's seize it. 

    If none of those are tickling your fancy, smash the link here to see our full fizzy range. 

    That's all from me, boxes to pack, things to do, people to see, etc.