What’s up winos,

    I’m in an excellent mood. Blue Monday who?? Wanna know why? Coz I’ve been shopping… and I think this is some of my finest work yet. I got so excited when these wines arrived yesterday that I actually hugged the bottles. What? Is that weird?

    First up, I am PUMPED to be bringing you the wines of Puro Rofe, a producer from Lanzarote who takes the idea of volcanic soil to another level. Their Chupadero cuvee comes off 200 year old vines planted inside a volcano (the aforementioned Chupadero, if ya interested). Doesn’t get much more serious than that. The vines are planted in ‘rofes’ (get the name now?) which are holes dug into the volcanic soil then protected by stone walls, so the precious grapes don’t get battered and bruised by the elements. I usually try to keep a bit of a poker face during tastings (gotta keep em guessing), but I couldn’t stop myself from saying ‘wow’ when I tried these wines. You’ll see why. If you’re a fan of the whites of Envinate or Suertes del Marques, you’re gonna want to add these 2 cart. Got three cuvees for you, smash them here.

    Also got the reds from the iconic Vincent Ruiz, aka the guy trusted with taking over Domaine Belluard. Man’s got some credentials. His own label wines are a micro negoce, with grapes sourced off his m8 in the Ardeche. Zero sulphur adds, but these wines are clean as a whistle - got a smooth, peppery Syrah and a pretty, lifted Grenache. Go see what all the fuss is about.

    Couldn’t help picking up a few new additions to the easy skinsy shelf as well - got a beauty of a Catarratto from Sicily which is one of the most drinkable things I’ve had in ages, all tropical fruit and spice, and a gorgeous salty bottle from Catalunya, made from the lesser spotted Cartoixà de Marina variety. These both punch well above their price in terms of complexity, and more importantly, are tasty AF. 

    Fionn’s gonna be talking you through the rest of the new arrivals, but if you just can’t wait til Thursday, check out the lot right here. One of each? Yes, I think one of each.

    Speaking of new arrivals, we just launched a brand spanking new subscription - the HOT STUFF. Can u guess what it is? I’ll tell you! Every month you’ll get three of the freshest wines we could get our paws on, including producers that we’ve imported into the UK ourselves. AKA, wines u can’t get anywhere else. If you like being ahead of the curve, this one’s for you. You can be all like ‘oh, I liked that wine before it was cool’. Do people still say that? I hope not.

    Lastly, if you were too much of a slowpoke to get tickets to our Jamie Goode tasting, good news - our next event just went on sale. The inimitable Fedellos are gonna be joining us at the end of Feb for what promises to be a smashing evening. Don’t say we don’t spoil you. C u there <3