What’s up winos,

    Good wknd? Mine was grand, thanks. Got recognised in public again. Love being a (very) minor wine celebrity, but I’m starting to think I should invest in some media training, much like our friend Renee Rapp. Or not? In the immortal words of Hannah Montana, nobody’s perfect. You know what is perfect? My taste in wine. Went shopping again, soz bank account. Got an eclectic little mix of things to show off this week, of varying colours/flavours/nationalities. Love to keep things interesting.

    First up, got this cracking new rosé from the interestingly named ‘Austrian Wine Mafia’. Wouldn’t recommend googling that, btw. I know, I know - winter rosé? Am I crazy? Maybe, but this wine is a pretty good defence of insanity. This is a mash up of Gruner Veltliner and Zweigelt, so you get all the oomph of the red grapes with all the searing acid and spice of the white. Seems they know what they’re doing over at AWM. Winter rosé! It’s a thing! You heard it here first!

    Next, I’ve got possibly two of the most polar opposite Chardonnays you can imagine. If you like your Chardy clean, classic and straight up, but you also don’t like paying white Burgs prices, enter Oregonian Kelley Fox. She calls this one the Chablis of her portfolio, which basically means it’s banging value. Cute label 2. At the other end of the spectrum we head over to Bugey (I can’t not shout BOU-GIE every time I see this on the shelf) for one of the most interesting expressions of Chardonnay I’ve tried of late. This is so creamy, on the nose and on the palate, where it morphs into kind of a peach Petit Filous thing. Remember Petit Filous?? They were the lunchbox filler of dreams. So this is like that, except also alcoholic. What’s not to like??

    If you’ve spent the last week on Skyscanner in search of sunnier climes like I have, snap up a bottle of this Jacquere - it’s giving SUMMER. Just sit next to the radiator when you open it, you’re basically at the beach. And in yet more excellent news, after what feels like forevs, everyone’s favourite wallet friendly skinsy is back on our shelves.

    If you can’t go one week without buying something from the Jura (just me?) then you’re in luck - new reds just landed from Les Dolomies, a peppery Trousseau and a rustic Pinot, plus this juicy blend from the king of screwcaps, Didier Grappe. 

    Finally, if you like an event, better block off the last week of February - on Monday 26th we’re hosting Fedellos over at Dan’s, then on Wednesday 28th, Terroir al Limit are gonna be hanging out at Ken’s, pouring their banging Priorat alongside the Catalan food stylings of head chef Fergus. Spoiled much? If the speed at which our tasting tonight sold out is anything to go by, you’re gonna wanna jump on these ASAP. Go! Jump! 

    Gotta go, gotta hide from the paparazzi. Might be time to invest in a baseball cap.

    Love u!