Thanks to all those that came through last night to sit and listen to the alternative chat of Peter-Alan and John. I'm assuming that I'm not the only one feeling a bit sluggish this AM. What a way to kick off 2023. So much more to come too, it's scary, in a good way.

    Our next tasting is gonna be on the 21st of Feb, and tickets will be released next week. Never to be missed, so don't.

    On the fruit and veg front, however.

    New releases from Lammidia have landed. Weird and wonderful skinsy bottlings from the Abruzzo. They'll feel right at home in your fridge. 

    We also got heaps more Ochota BarrelsBatardiereAgrapart and Pataille (all the single sites.....), for those who are into those sort of thing. 

    Literally as I type, I'm watching with a sweaty brow as our allocation of Testalonga gets unloaded into the shop. Not sure where it's going to go... these wines will be available at some stage today

    Wish me luck! Turns out it's a pallet that needs shifting.