What’s up winos,

    At the time of writing it is T-minus four hours until the staff party. At the time of print it will have already happened, and I’ll probably crawling around the warehouse on my hands and knees like some kind of gremlin that washed up through a drain. That’s a nice mental image, isn’t it? Pray for my swift recovery, plz. I’ll need all the help I can get. 

    New arrivals are coming so thick and fast at the moment it’s all we can do to keep up. I’ve recycled more cardboard in the last two weeks than any one human has ever done before. Seriously, I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Not sure they keep track of records that boring, but they really should.So, what’s new today? Possibly my most anticipated arrival of the year so far, and that’s a long list to be at the top of. That’s right kids, Labet is here, and she’s hot, single and ready to mingle.

    But wait, I hear you screaming at the Natty Boy website. Why can’t I just buy a single Labet, if she’s so single? I’m SO glad you asked. Let’s talk politics.

    If you aren’t already aware, Labet produces some of the most sought-after wines in this country (and in most countries), and as such, allocations are tight and tiny, and also as such, demand for them often sends prices skyrocketing. We’re not about that. But we’re also not about random people who take advantage of our excellent SEO to find our shop, buy one bottle of Labet, and then disappear, never to be seen again. We’re about loyalty, and about longevity, and about equality (I mean, equality in so far as that word can be used to apply to the people who can afford Labet). I’ve had this experience myself, shooting my shot in a wine shop in Paris, asking to buy Labet - the dude was like, um, I’ve literally never seen you before and I’m probably never going to see you again, so, no. Fair. Like him, we’re about distributing these wines in the fairest way possible, that allows the people (you) to get what you want (Labet) while also supporting your favourite neighbourhood wine shop (us) so we can keep bringing you the best of the best. So! In these Labet Party Packsᵀᴹ you’ll get one bottle of that magical Jura juice, plus two ~mystery~ bottles, handpicked by us according to your exacting specifications. You might even discover a banging new producer. Talk about win win. You can, however, buy the Cremant and the Macvin as singles. We’re SO GOOD TO YOU.

    Also dropping today is a top-up from Labet alumni Allante & Boulanger, IYKYK. If you don’t know, try and snag one of these before they disappear. Good luck tho. Think they sold out in less than two minutes last time. It’s quite possible they’ll already be gone by the time you’re reading this. If they are, I can only apologise, and invite you to be faster next time. 

    Fear not, though. On the off chance that those are already gone, I doubt even our ravenous Natty Boy audience will have managed to snap up every single one of these new Chatillon wines in the last two minutes. Chatillon is a certified ledge who plays crystal bowls and singing harps to his fermenting wines. Maybe not someone you’d want to be stuck in a corner with at a party (or maybe you would) but you can’t deny the results. Check ‘em out, they’re the real deal. 

    If you’re more of a sparkle-head than a Jura fiend, you’ll be mighty pleased to see we’ve also dropped (not literally, that’d cost me a year’s rent) some new bottles from Jerome Prevost, which is about as elite as Champagne can get. Take out a second mortgage, it’s worth it.

    Enough treats for you today. More good sheet coming on Thurs, keep your eyes peeled and your finger on the refresh button.

    Love u!