Hey, Fionn again this Thursday.

    What a week it’s been so far… We’ve been partying hard, and THEN working hard. Trust me, that’s not the smart way to do things. Forethought? Who needs it? Hangover aside, we had a very lovely shindig on Monday. Then with sore heads, we causally dropped just a bit of Labet on Tuesday. This batch as expected, flew out the door. Dropped a bit more this morning too, and I hope you’ve had better luck.

    Whilst we do love the hyped stuff just as much as you! We also take great pleasure in unearthing wines that might not be the talk of the town now but are gonna be the next big thing. We’re ahead of the game, bringing you the wines you should know about before anyone else. 

    Firstly, Zeroine from Maylis Bernard. Also based out of Rotalier like Labet, and she just so happens to be the partner of certain Ganevat... The influence is clear, but these wines should be judged on their merit alone! 

    -Just one beautiful Savagnin left. This has it all. Aromatic, textured, a smidge oxy. Perfectly poised despite everything being dialed up.
    -A spine-shattering Chardy that is flinty and mineral.
    -A glorious little Gamay that’s more than just juice. A Pinot/Gamay blend that’s got some savoury stuff mingling about too. Both at a humble 11.5%… These glide.

    Another rising star of the Jura has to be Novice. A project from Yves Roy who cut his teeth with Morel. Therefore, he knows a thing or two about Poligny. Two delicious Chardonnays one here and one here. Plus a Skinsy Savagnin from vines that celebrated their 100th birthday years ago. Heady, with aromatics out of this world. Also, a Ploussard/Trousseau blend that is a joy to drink. Beat the crowds, get in early.

    It’s not just the top-end stuff we’ve got, we've been busy restocking some wines that are of serious value. Beaujolais prices are thankfully still steady (for now). Bouland makes deep, concentrated wines full of life and you’d be hard-pressed to find much better value than these.

    -Chiroubles 4 fine-grained structure alongside that fruit intensity we love.
    -Côte-de-Brouilly 4 something plummy, spicey and stony. Named after his daughter Madeline, cute.
    -Bellevue 4 concentration. Seriously older vines are doing the heavy lifting.
    -Corcelette 4 IYKYK. This is the lieu-dit that the worlds sleeping on. Cote Du Puy good, Corcellete better. Elegance, and a steal. What’s not to love?

    ALSO, we’ve got a very very very fun tasting next week. New Wave Burgundy. Just a few tickets left, and not one to miss. If you haven’t been to a tasting before then it's large pours + snacks to mop it all up + great chat. Midweek treat anyone? I’ll be drinking/not working this time around so will be around for inebriated wine chats too. Come say hi!

    Take care,