🍷Long Live the Loire 🍷

    Hey, Fionn again this Thursday!

    Another week has flown by and lots of exciting new bits and pieces have once more landed on our shelves. Last week I briefly touched on the Loire and this week once again I'll be acting as the hype man for this wonderful part of France.

    No matter what you like the Loire has got you covered. If you are like me and enjoy fresher lean reds then there is plenty to choose from. Grolleau, Pineau D’Aunis and Cab Franc all do wonderfully lightly chilled. The Pineau D’Aunis from Clos du Tue-Boeuf is one of my favourites currently. There is just enough of that signature white pepper to add serious complexity to what may at first appear to be just another juice bomb.

    Lighter styles of Cab Franc are also what I’m reaching for as the temperature drops. They are great straight from the fridge which accentuates those bright cherry notes but as they begin to warm up those peppery, almost leafy qualities, begin to unravel. The wines from Catherine and Pierre Breton are perfect examples imo. The Avis de Vin Fort just glides, properly smashable. Whereas, Trinch is slightly more structured with some fine tannins but also just as drinkable. Proper autumn wines.

    On the topic of Cab Franc we’ve just received a healthy-sized drop from Domaine Guiberteau. These guys are ones to watch. Their Saumur Rouge is a benchmark for what Cab Franc can do. Silky and supple we managed to grab a couple of different vintages both with at least a few years of age on them. The 2019 is drinking like a real treat right now with more of those tertiary savoury notes mingling around whilst the 2020 is a touch fresher. Both are tasting great. Perfect opportunity to pick up two bottles and seriously geek out over the vintage differences? Maybe that's just me….

    If you’re feeling fancy and with the end of the month and payday approaching you should treat yourself to their Les Chapaudaises. The quality is through the roof here. The fruit is slightly more brambly, almost hedgerow like and with plenty of tobacco already creeping in you just know that a few years down the line this will be epic. They also happen to make some pretty mean Chenin. Apples, citrus, flowers, minerals this really had it all and then some.

    Speaking of good Chenin we’ve also just received a handful of bottles from Domaine Helicon. Future cult classic in the making. Fairly new to the wine game, coming in hot from a career in HR, Constanin Verin farms 2 hectares exceptionally well and vinifies to the same high standards. Expressive on the nose and just as vibrant on the palate. Words wont do this one justice. Trust me, buy one before they inevitably get snapped up in no time.

    One final arrival worth shouting about is some old vine Chasselas. Who would have thought? Usually I wouldn’t go anywhere near the stuff but in the safe hands of the Gonon brothers this wine is really impressive. Very limited, this is a proper collectors item so you’ll have to be quick.

    That’s enough wine chit chat for today.

    Take it easy