I figured you'd maybe need the morning just to get your thoughts together. Just maybe. 

    Something 4 everyone today, whether you just need a quick re-fill or if you're keen to drop £100 on ultra rare white wine. Man of the people amirite?

    Let's start with the primo, as that's where I'm at my best, particuarly after a heavy weekend. 

    Jessica Litaud is gonna be the one. She's been making waves for the past coupla years in Southern Burgundy, crafting sublime white wine from the Chardonnay grape that will convert even the most ardent non-believer. She trained under Ganevet up in the Jura, which is a fairly big deal if you like wine made in a certain style and of a certain quality level. Particuarly in white wine territory. There's breadth of flavour and intensity across the range, joined together by rasping, salt tinged acidity that keeps the mouth watering and your arm making steady motions between table and face. I'm stoked to be able to offer these out, as in a few years I'm pretty sure they'll be unattainable. Poor us. Do your worst right here.

    Speaking of unattainable yet attainable as we've got them, there's also a few mixed packs from Pierre Gonon four your drinking pleasure. First in best dressed.

    And now for the attainable. Entre Vinyes. Ripping wines from Catalonia, Baix Penedès to be precise. The mountains on the coast near Barcelona for those of you playing along at home. It's a pretty happy hunting ground for us, what with the likes of Partida Creus and Oriol Artigas operating within spitting distance, so it was a bit of a no brainer when we tasted this lot. Crisp and energetic are the calling cards. Not shy on personality either. You'll be seeing a fair bit of this lot, so best get nicely acquainted. 

    There's a final few spots left for our tasting with Giant Steps and SC Pannell on the 23rd too. Don't be the one misses out.