6 months ago I was toying with the idea of importing some of my favourite wine from home to flog in the UK. At the back end of an extremely long lunch, down a back laneway in Surry Hills, a plan was formed with an old mate who also does the wine thing in Sydney. Said plan has now come to fruition, with the first five pallets being delivered on a dreary Tuesday morning. I'd almost forgotten how much I love warehouse work! You're going to get a fair bit of patriotic Australian chat today and next week from me, the reward being access to some stunning piss.

    So, first. Les Fruits. These are about as far away from the old school South Australian style as you can get. Other end of the spectrum to the Jammy Red Roo vibes aka, the correct end. Winemaker Tim Stock is responsible for bringing into Aus some of the greatest minimal intervention producers from Europe, so its fair to say there's some decent tasting knowledge to fall back on... something we can all aspire to. The principles are simple. Properly cared for fruit and hands off winemaking. "A strict do nothing unless it needs to be done philosophy". What were left with are extremely pure tasting, aromatically inviting wines of medicinal like quality. I hope that reads as well as it sounded coming out of the keyboard. We're pouring the Gonzo by the glass at Ken's this week to rave reviews, so things are looking promising. Clean Natty, the dream. Get in on the action here.

    Now we head south, down to Tassie. I thought of a great intro line to describe the state but it's so derogatory it would probably get me in trouble, so instead I'll talk about the bloke and the vineyards. Marco is the next gen of the pioneering Tasmanian winemaking Lubiana family. He's blessed with high end fruit from their estate vineyards in the Derwent (near Hobart, which may or may not mean anything to you) and down in the Huon (which is really far south). All farming is biodynamic and in the cellar his work is gentle. The sole focus is on Chardy and Pinot, talk about in my wheelhouse. This is a young guy already kicking goals, I'm very excited to have landed him and for you all to get knee deep in the wines. Do that here.

    Aaaand finally, in case you feel like drinking exclusively northern hemisphere and just exclusive in general, we just received a top up of Marc Colin. Scintillating 2021's, definitely a white vintage. Batter up.

    There's also updated delivery info for the silly season right here. DW, you still have ages.

    It's certainly not summer here, but it is elsewhere.


    ps. how good is my amateur photography?