Let's start at the ending. 

    Recently we were joined by Fionn, who you will have heard from on here a few times whilst I've been "working" on the continent. Fionn is English. So it made sense that he should take the lead on fleshing out our range with things from the waterlogged isle. He's done well, even I can admit that. So well in fact that in August we're joined by two of the more illustrious figures of our domestic wine scene, Tim Wildman and Matt Gregory. These two men specialise in fizzy wine, which requires specialisation to be any good. They are very good at what they do, trust me. Pls join us on August the 1st for Top of the Pops, we might even put out some scones or cucumber sandwiches. It's going to be a riot. Tickets available at the end of this email or on the website if you're quick!

    Enough about Fionn and his English wine. How about me and my Chenin. If only it was my Chenin. Then I wouldn't be pumping out content on a dreary Tuesday morning on the Dalston Riviera. I'd be somewhere much more tropical, pumping out Z's. I am but a custodian, minding these wines before you consume them. Occasionally "testing" them out during a busy service to make sure they're as good as I recall. Looking after the spirit of the game, you could say. The booze coming out of Château de Bonnezeaux atm is something to behold. Singular bottlings that effortlessly express site and vintage, pretty much the whole point of wine once you reach a certain point. There are more detailed notes on each of the wines available on their respective pagez. Stock is weirdly limited, although I guess I shouldn't let myself be surprised by such things these days. Happy hunting.

    I'll leave you with another crispy white wine that is a bit less hands-on with the wallet. Ponce Blanco is the old Reto bottling from JA Ponce down in Spain. It's 100% old vine Albilla planted at altitude. None of which might make any sense but is somewhat important. This is an absolute go-to for yours truly. We should all be thankful that it's from Spain. Sometimes I wish I was from Spain, I'd probably be better at tennis.