I heard one Christmas Carol yesterday, and I'm already dreaming of January, although not for the Grinch-like reasons you're currently imagining. Far from it, I love Christmas, heaps of food and top end grog. I just can't deal with the radio. The flashbacks to driving all over London in 2020 and 2021 delivering wine are just too vivid. Fortunately we've grown, and have a delivery partner that actually delivers, so no more driving. 

    On that note. Click here for the Xmas delivery information, with our all important cut-off days n times for guaranteed delivery. 

    Back onto January. We've some heavy hitters joining us for a heavy hitting event that'll nicely dissect the month into something more tolerable. I'm pleased to announce that Peter-Alan (Crystallum and Gabrielskloof) and John (Thorne & Daughters) will be pouring their various wares at an exclusive tasting on Wednesday the 18th. These two have great chat to go alongside wines that you all already know taste good. So it's one not to be missed, and a suitable way to kick off what's going to be a huge year for everyone involved. Tickets are available here.

    On to the wine front now. Lots coming in and loads going out. We're considering just installing Country Western style Saloon doors to make things easier. 

    New Fizzers from Savart and Dhondt-Grellet joining an already enviable and list of fizz both classic and natty.

    Fresh Jurassic things from Bottes Rouges and Domaine de la Borde

    More Sicilian wonders from Arianna O too, because we can and you love it. Oh yeah, and easy going Nebbiolo, by the litre

    Honestly!  Cya round xxx