What’s up winos,

    Good long weekend? Head hurting? I know mine is! Had a little staff knees up on Sunday which, as it turned out, was not little at all. Put away some solid bottles though. Say what you like about us, but we know how to drink well. We don’t, however, know how to wash up after ourselves, which was a fun treat to come in to this morning. Oops. 

    Enough about me and my reprobate ways. New arrivals are coming thick and fast chez Natty Boy at the moment and it’s all I can do to keep up with them. 

    Hot new Chenins just in from Domaine de la Taille aux Loups. Quite the mouthful to say (or type) however your head’s feeling, but I’ll give them a free pass coz these are so dang good. We deleted this one on Sunday and it drank more like an aged Riesling or a white Burgs than a Chenin, such was its complexity. Not that Chenin can’t be complex on its own, don’t @ me, I’m just saying - if you can make Chenin taste like this, you’ve got some serious winemaking nouse. The Clos Mosny cuvee is similarly banging, all rich buttery fruit cut to shreds with gorgeous acidity. I think my hangover is going away even just writing about these.

    Got a fresh shipment of Dagueneau in late last week, although you eagle eyed shoppers have already snapped up most of it, there are still a couple of bottles to share around if you pounce quickly. The estate are pretty much Sauvignon Blanc royalty, and this being their entry level cuvee it’s about a quarter of what the wines normally cost. The Dagueneau family out here doing the lord’s work. Get one before they’re gone!

    Also on the lord’s work spectrum is Roberto Voerzio, the lord’s work here taking the form of producing wine in Piemonte that doesn’t require you to remortgage your house. These are serious value, beautiful, classic expressions of all the Piemonte varieties, luscious, lifted and fresh. I’m all about a bargain banger (especially after the amount of money I laid out on Sunday, closing my eyes and tapping my credit card like there was no tomorrow) so these fit the bill nicely. Check em out.

    If I can’t entice you into a bargain, maybe I can entice you into a little splurge, in the form of this beautifully complex Champagne from Domaine les Monts Fournois. Pinot dominant and ripe-fruited, this is layered AF with a touch of smoke and saltiness rounding everything out nicely. Also as Champagne goes, this is barely splurging. God, if me two years ago could hear me now. How times have changed.

    Last up, a little reminder that our Wine 4 Dummies series is drawing ever closer, and Fionn and Robyn are raring to teach you everything you always wanted to know about wine but were too scared to ask. Ticks still available for the white, red and sparkling sessions here. C u there. I’ll be the one taking notes.

    That’s all from me, got three pallets of wine arriving any second now so gotta go do some pushups in preparation. Love u!