13th April – 🌞 GOOD WINE 4 EASTER! + Pierre Peters Fizz, New Sextant, Oriol Artigas, Radikon and Koerner! Strewth!


    A quick reminder that you need to get an order in before 2:30pm today to ensure it arrives before the long weekend. Earlier is always better. The Shop n Bar will be open Friday and Saturday too, so why not take advantage of time off/sunny conditions and pop down for a cold one? I'll be there, might even bust open some high end piss just for the sake of it. 

    If you've left your Easter run late, you're about to be richly rewarded...

    Please welcome Sextant, as in Julien Altaber from Saint Aubin (Burgs). His wines are very much in that progressive scene that we see with the likes of Cossard and thoughtful in the same vein as Pataille. Think co-fermented Chardonnay and Gamay, with skin contact liberally applied, contrasted with traditional vinification of 100 year old Aligoté vines planted in Puligny Montrachet. Very, very happy to have a smattering of these bad boys listed. You can nab some here...

    Do you like Champagne? If so, you probably like Pierre Peters. Blanc de Blancs supremo! These are some of the most sought after wines from this hallowed region, mostly ending up on wine lists at stupid prices or in the hands of a select few unscrupulous merchants. I have a tiny allocation to offer out. 6 bottles of Cuvee de Reserve (£55ea) and 2 bottles of Chétillons 2014 (£250ea). I'd love to just put them on the website, but unfortunately the wine trade is full of people who get easily upset, so if you want any please reply to this email. First in best dressed here. 

    In more good news for lovers of Natty booze that has personality but also tastes like what it's made from and the environment in which its made, there's a new allotment of Oriol Artigas here. Single handedly reinvigorating the Alella DO (within spitting distance of Barcelona) and doing it well. These are beautiful wines, with a heavy Mediterranean influence. You'll need to like salt and drinkability. There's also some SOS gear, which is made with fruit from several mates to make up for a shitty 2020 vintage in these parts. Limited quantities can be snapped up right here.

    Now, onto some hectic skinsy booze. Nice to have some more Radikon in stock........... 2020 Slatnik and Sivi are here and ready to go. Sivi was one of the best wines I drunk last year, at Robin Wilde down in Lyme Regis (fkn good feed), pairing with so many things and transforming over the couple of hours of feeding. Cult booze, get some here.

    The skinsy goodness continues though, from a more unlikely source. Koerner, from Aus. These boys focus on Sardinian varieties which is ultra niche but very welcomed. Got some Pigato! Which is Vermentino, 20 days on skins. One of the most refreshing things you'll consume all year, it's like a vinous ice tea (for the record, I'm not an ice tea guy but I hear it's refreshing), coming in at sub 11% abv and full of salty, citrus fruited complexity. Do yourselves a favour here.

    And that's it from me today folks. Need to go walk the dogs, in shorts! My legs at the moment are that lovely shade of white that you only get by wearing trousers/jeans/trackies for 6 months of the year. So if you see me, look the other way.