13th September – 🌟 Loire Star Power + USA Re-Load + Maxime Magnon Redz 💦


    Just completed a stocktake in here. Anyone who says doing numbers isn't thirsty work obviously needs to come and assist next month. Wow. The things you forget you had, hey. 

    Which leads me to today's unbelievably insatiable content. More new wine. It's my cross to bear. There's going to be a bit of disruption next week with shipping, but we'll do our best to keep things running as smoothly as we usually do, which is very smooth.

    Wine things.

    Peak Chenin Blanc! Monsieur Robinot is back, this time holding Bistrologie and Charme. Having recently imbibed bottles of both during a Parisian soiree I can say with 99% confidence that both are of spellbinding quality. The loss of 1% owing to the loss of 1% of my brain cells that evening. Anyway, as usual, these are pulsating examples of on of the world's greatest varieties and we're honoured to be their custodians for as long as they remain in the shop, which will probably amount to 48hrs. An honour. It can be your honour too if you click here and do the thing.

    T'was a beautiful sight yesterday, truly beautiful. A large, blank cardboard box full of Arnot-Roberts and Sandhi. America has never tasted so good, like ever. Aside from maybe the first In-N=Out after a long flight but that's a debate for another time. Limited stocks.

    Onto a producer of such mind-boggling quality that the wines should be ultra-trendy in these parts but somehow aren't and that makes me really happy. Maxime Magnon, everybody. Here's a producer who has really mastered the combination of correct winemaking x fruit x terroir x not messing around to put out wines of all colours that show so much interest, yet keep things ultimately approachable. I've taken a coupla different red blends on. You should take them on too. Watch this space. 

    There's no tasting lined up for October as I'll be spending a few weeks back in Aus, but we do have something else cooking. More news on this on Thursday. All I can say is you'll need a thirst and comfortable shoes. Hush puppies even.