14th June – 🍊 Skin Contact Heaven, More Volcanic Piss + A Spanish Wonder... It is Tuesday After all...


    Rip snorter of a day. The timing just feels right to launch another bucket load of delicious, life affirming fermented grape juice in your general direction. 

    Beginning in the world of skin contact and specifically with some modern day Rheinhessen Royalty, Daniel and Bianka Schmitt. Here's a couple of extremely generous, textural and fruit forward skinsy bottlings, perfect for sharing with friends or just with yourself. 

    Heading further east and we run into Judith Beck, who, judging by the amount of her wines we send out, you're all fairly well acquainted with. I've landed a few bottles of her Neuburger Rambule, which are now ready to enjoy a journey to your fridge. A wine of supreme presence, coupled with that characteristic Beck energy and drinkability. A wine that's crying out for a small group, a couple of glasses each, maybe some cheese, you do you. Get one here.

    Now we diverge somewhat, into Volcanic territory, but still staying skinsy to begin with. La Biancara. La Benchmark. Three wines have just arrived from this formative producer, a leading light for regenerative viticulture in the Veneto. Pico is the grippy, skin fermented fella, Masieri the more refreshing but no less complex Bianco blend and Garg'n'Go the rasping, moreish fizzer. A beautiful trio, why (wine) not try for yourself?

    Downunder this time. Volcanic soils in the Yarra? Yes, it's a thing. As is upper echelon Chardonnay. They don't get much better than Luke Lambert. His 2020 is here and ready to go. One of my personal go-to's. That should be all I need to say by now. 

    We finish with a bang. Juan Antonio Ponce. Maker of some of the best value/most interesting wines sub £20 anywhere in the world. Now maker of the most delicious Spanish red I've had in quite some time, as well as an ultra-refreshing white that'll have you ripping open pantry doors looking for anchovies. The wonderfully named 'Ponce' bottling of Bobal stinks like high end Burgundy and tastes more interesting. A ridiculous combination. He only makes a couple of barrels worth, I'll be buying as much as possible but it's one to move on if you're into the best of the best but also don't like being ripped off. His whole range is available here, now, and it's definitely one to be buying across the board. Peace.