15th September – The Dalston Wine Mile 😈 + Collecapretta + La Sorga... It's a Natty Dream


    Quite the week! Hope you're all well, we're doing just fine thanks for asking.

    So. A wine mile. I haven't stepped it out, but it feels like a decent enough distance. In a rare display of unity, ourselves, Binch and People's Wine are throwing a little collaborative wine tasting afternoon piss up session whereby 75 lucky people will cruise between venues, sampling nice wine and having a generally splendid afternoon. It's on Saturday 15th of October, and tickets are £60 a pop. Over our way at dan's we're pouring Aussie things, which may or may not include VB but will definitely include some things from the likes of Ochota Barrels, SC Pannell and Gentle Folk, just to name drop some subtle hints that things will be tasty. Anyway, tickets can be purchased here. (this is an external link to Eventbrite xxx)

    You want instant satisfaction though. Instant as in delivered the following business day, which we do, if you order before 2:30pm. Slightly weird few days coming up, and there'll be no deliveries taking place on the weekend or next Monday outside of London, so if you happen to not be a in-situ Londoner and fancy having a crack then now's the time to have a crack on the website.

    UMBRIA! Quite a nice place. Collecapretta, very nice folk. This family has been farming vines on their little hillside plot for over 900 years. A fairly long time. They know what they're doing. These just arrived, they're looking very good but they're also looking for a new home. Give it to them, let them give to you. Limited quantities available here.

    Staying in the wild west, a river of new wine has just flowed through the door from La Sorga. Exotic, enchanting expressions of the mountainous South of France. We've been pumping the stuff out through the bar of late, and every taste I've stolen (sorry) when checking the condition of bottles has been a vinous pickmeup. Get picked up and maybe pick up here.

    Ok that seem's like more than enough words. Maybe cya later.