17th March – Happy Thursday To You! Yann Durieux, Fresh Goisot, Pataille and a Coupla Savoie Demi-Gods 💸


    The shop is quite a sight to behold at present. Literally bursting at the seams. My back hurts also. All part of the passion project I guess. Anyway, my pain is your gain... Heaps on here. 

    Remember Goisot? Yeah, it's been a little while between drinks of the good stuff. Well that's now changed. More Chardonnay, More Pinot Noir. More, More, More. This is one of my favourite producers, supremely undervalued which again, is good for you. Wonders await, click here.

    You could literally rinse and repeat for Sylvain Pataille. Whilst we await the new vintage reds, there's some new Chardy available. 'Rose' is the name of a sub-variant local to Marsannay, it's redder skinned and gives a more floral experience. It's always a bloody good experience anyway. Three bottles only. Get one here.

    Now, onto the Savoyarde Royalty...

    I'll start with Peron. Jean-Yves Peron. I ranted about how good these wines are before, so it made sense to buy more of them. This time I've added a skinsy rendition to the mix. It's a trip, requiring your full attention. Wines of sublime personality and drinkability. Upper echelon Natty gear that is clean. Wow! Spoil yourself here.

    And I'll leave you with Domaine des Ardoisières. The iconic. What these guys manage to do on those near vertical slopes is astounding. I've received some 2020 Argile Blanc, as well as some Quartz and Schiste bottlings. If you've ever read people chatting about soil and its effect on a wine, here's a delicious lesson. Iconic booze right 'ere.

    When I said I was going to leave you, I lied. But it's worth it. My Yann Durieux allocation arrives tomorrow (he he he) and you've first dibs. Well second, after me. Durieux did his time running things at the other cult natty Burgundy operation Prieure Roch, and his own gear is equally as life changing. I've secured a very decent spread, it makes me really happy. You can be happy like me, too, just click here and put it on the joint account.

    Please note, Durieux wines arrive tomorrow (Friday) so any orders for these wines or that include these wines will be dispatched in their entirety when the wines arrive.

    k bye.
    ily xxx