1st March – HIYA! Fancy Greek Wine, Fancy April Tasting Tix, Fancy Testalonga + Other Chat


    Omg can you believe its already March? I'm now in full "hanging out for summer mode", imagining lazy days lying by the beach somewhere in Greece, and then looking up and remembering that I've just opened a bar and the shackles are well and truly on. Anyway, a fella can dream. Onto the booze.

    Speaking of Greece, and even more fitting as I look out the window at another stunning London day, 2019s from Dalamara are in. Last week I essentially wrote a love letter to Nebbiolo with instructions of how you could fall in love too. Those words fit here as well, especially if you love a bit of meat on the bones. Ripe, positively throbbing with acidity and full of wild intrigue. Give Xinomavro a Chance.

    Saturday was a dream! I tasted two wines that really made me smile 😆. By tasted I mean really sucked back. One came from South Africa which is a miracle in itself, and the other from a producer that is really doing it for me at present. 

    I'll start with the Testalonga 'Cortez'. F**K me dead. Holy Hell. Last vintage was insane, but this is just something else. Such energy! This came off the back of a bottle of de Moor 1er Cru, a bottle of Occhipinti and something else I don't quite recall because there'd already been so many bottles. But I remember this guy, I can still taste it. Do yourselves a favour, if you're gonna splash, splash here.

    Moving Swiftly Onwards! Another gem from Meckert! This bloke, Yannick, is kicking goals left, right and centre in my mind. His Deux Couleurs is scintillating, and will be on BTG this week at dan's, but a new Pinot really struck a chord. His name is from and centre on the label, which is admirably arro, I'm around it. The wine does the talking though. Plush, velvet texture and a myriad of ripe red berries. Dreamy. Needs a decant. All his wines are BS good. Here they all are.

    Finally today.... April tasting tickets. The Jura one next week sold out in red hot time, smart cookies. This one should be equally as delicious, if not more. We're gonna chat/drink all things Chardonnay. Queen of the Grapes! Tickets below.

    ily xxx