20th October – When it Rainz it Pourz! Pataille Packs + Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet 😁


    I sit here, gazing out over Sydney harbour, watching the rain get heavier and a succulent Thai meal get nearer and I smile. How lucky are you, because today there's two freshly unboxed Burgundy allocations to peruse. 

    We'll start with the extra limited one. Sylvain Pataille. Honestly, you probably;y won't believe me, but back in 2019 when Natty Boy was in it's infancy I could buy whatever I wanted from this stunning producer on the reg. No one knew. Fast forward two years and it's becoming one of the more painful parts of my job. Anyway. Some of you will get lucky today. A measly allocation of the stupendous 2019's has landed, and I've just gone and put them into packs. There are 3 available. Then there will be none. It's a bit of a tour de Marsannay with some Chardonnay thrown in to palate cleanse along the way. Best of luck. Off you go. Here they are.

    It's probably going to be a similar story with the next producer, Domaine Berthaut-Gerbet. The Burgundy Next-Gen are starting to kick goals, so now is the time to strike and consume and get bitten by the bug. Enviable and often missed levels of Pinosity on show here, proper elemental Burgundy. You won't be disappointed, your wallet may be a bit worried but that's par for the course. Amelie's wines are now available here.

    K, off for that Thai now. Usual Thursdee rules apply for weekend satisfaction. Order by 2:30pm and get it anywhere.

    xxx miss you already.