25th August – Thirsty? Empty Glasses? I've Been Shopping So You Can Go Shopping 😘


    Long weekend innit. That snuck up didn't it. If you're not in Ldn and you want a fridge-full, then get your order in by 2:30pm. If you are in the city, you're good until tomorrow. Dan's is open all weekend too, so you can also come by and shop/drink for real. Amazing.

    Raided the Loire Valley this week, mentally, unfortunately not physically, although it could be said that it was physical considering the amount of boxes unpacked. Whatever it was, it was and remains a pleasure. There's some real treats 4 you all below. 

    Let's start at the start. Fizz. New Champalou is on the books, a very welcome addition considering the price of Champagne that I like continues to creep (ta importers...). No way is this just the "best of the rest", it drinks better than the majority of upper tier name fizz that you'll find in many a less scrupulous wine store. Don't believe me? I'm afraid you can't be helped. Take your medicine here.

    Sauvignon that doesn't taste like either passionpop or grass? It's a thing. I've already rattled on about the likes of Boulay before, who's wines I rate, and now there's another contender. Herve Villemade. We've taken a white, a pink and a red from the good man himself. Based in the same obscure Cheverny AOC as one of our long time favourites Clos du Tue-Boeuf these are wines with a sense of place, and an ease of enjoyment. Grab a mix why don't you.

    Big guns to finish tho. Thierry Germain and his Domaine des Roches Neuves. I'm salivating just writing these words. Wines that make CR7 appear a bit flabby. We've received a small amount of both l'Insolite and Clos Romans, two iconic bottlings of Chenin Blanc. Two wines that'll bring a tear to a grown man's eye. Beauties. Available here. 

    Oh yeah, one more surprise. A bit of old Chablis. Fevre et Fevre 1er Cru Vaulorent from the stupidly good 2014 vintage. If you want something ridiculously good and a bit classic, this is your number. Call me. Don't actually, too many boxes to pack.