26th July – Exclusive! Petit Ours Rosé, a Natty Gem + Crystallum Pinot Noir... Happy Tuesdee


    Or should I say Bonjour! I'm currently nursing the hangover from hell, staring at the ceiling fan of my Parisian bedroom. Don't worry, it's not all bad, I've got lunch in an hour. Back in London tomorrow, so all orders will be processed then, for delivery on Thursday. Just needed 48hrs to do a bit of R n D. Wine never stops. 

    Huge news for Rosé lovers today. Huge news for wine lovers in general. You know the beautifully labelled, beautifully produced Petit Ours wines from Matthieu Barrett? Well, he's added another. It's pink, it's dazzling, and the label has sparkles. It's also exclusive to me in the land of retail. A whopper. The wine... Grenache. Organic farming, minimal intervention in the cellar, a bullshit good producer. It's a tested recipe. I like it. Because it's bloody tasty I've made it available as a 6 pack case with a special 6 pack case price. It's also available as a single, but surely! Grab some here before everyone else does and then there's nothing left for you to grab because everyone else already has...

    ONTO some slightly less playful, yet equally as delicious booze. 

    Crystallum Pinot Noir. The mere mention gives me shivers. Not only some of the best in South Africa, some of the best full stop. Top bloke too, Peter-Alan. Hopefully have him back for a tasting later in the year. Until then. A small allocation of two wines to whet the appetite. Each year they pump out a range of wines that I taste/drink and become ever more comfortable that I no longer need to re-mortgage to get my fix of top end Pinot and Chardonnay. My tiny allocation can be picked upon here. The Agnes Chardy and Peter Max Pinot are also blockbuster. Do it.... do ittttt!

    K, off to said lunch. Cya later in the week when I'm back on site, inspired and tired. 

    Bye, Ciao.