28th April – Hi! Hope You're Thirsty! Fresh Foillard, Bit More Bobinet, Peron x 2 and Saturday Delivery 😈


    What a week it's been thus far, and the best bit is yet to come. I've been shopping, unboxing, rearranging, picking, packing, crying and admiring. Things are going ballistic. This could be undiagnosed oniomania but I'm not sure that counts when it's work.... right? As long as there's a beneficiary I guess. 

    Enough about me. What do you feel like drinking?

    2020 Jean Foillard is here. Reduced yields mean reduced wine when you're dealing in the upper echelons and they don't get much higher than this. Even scored some Charmes, if you feel like a properly uplifting experience. Tiny quantities available here.

    Cosmic Bobinet vibes at present. I've got pretty much the whole lot in atm. Including some of the fresh PIAK wines. Stupidly crisp drinking at that level, or you can step it up a notch with Ruben and Amatéüs. Whatever your decision, a beautiful time awaits, so why are you waiting? Nab some here.

    Doubled down on Peron/Perron. First things first. Jean-Yves. New release i Vinci whites, there for those who like things crisp. Then Perron. Textural beauties. There for those who like a bit of a journey. Alpine wines really are the ones atm, so don't miss out. 

    Special news if you live in London! Yay! My beautiful courier partner are now offering Saturday shipping as standard, so you can leave it fully last minute and still get your vinous satisfaction. We'll just be putting these through as usual, so orders placed before 2:30pm on  Friday will be with you on Saturday. Hectic. Same Day Delivery will soon be a regular thing again also. What a time we live in.

    Everyone else who is lucky enough to not live in the smog den, the usual cut off time applies. 2:30pm on a Thursday at the latest for a good time this weekend.