31st May – Bank Holiday Booze! New Duchene, Cossard, Riesling, Occhipinti (Again) 💋


    Unless you've been living under a rock you'll be aware that this is a short week, signalled by the proliferation of Union Jack flags on almost every fixture possible up and down the Isles. A long weekend means that our lovely courier partners like to take a break from frustrating their clients, so, if you happen to be lucky enough to not live in London, and you want delicious booze for four days R'n'R then you'll need to order before 2:30pm today. 

    For those of you staying put in the capital, I do have some good news... our lovely London courier is operating as usual all week because they are amazing. So there's no cut-off. They even deliver on Saturday and offer same day delivery if you get really stuck (in). How good.

    Onto the winez, featuring a tonne of fresh vintages and the arrival of a couple of superstars...

    Bruno Duchene, fighting the good fight down in Banyuls! There are worse places to live but definitely easier places to farm grapes. Joyous bottlings of La Luna 2021 are now here, including some Blanc. Finally. A few bottles of each available here.

    Good Old Fred Cossard... four bottles of his Ploussard have just arrived. First in best dressed here. A pure fruited, refreshing wine in 2020. Shame there's f**k all. Off you go.

    One for my acid fans now. Heymann-Lowenstein! Wines I love, maybe too much, as I've been buying them for several months now and they are only now appearing on the website instead of disappearing down the throats of my nearest and dearest. Iconic Mosel Riesling, dry Riesling. Life changing. Get some here.

    Continuing on the icon front... Dominio del Aguila. I'll go on record as saying that a lot of horrendous white wine is made in Spain, but when it's on, it's really on. Aguila Blanco is a wine that is on x 1000. The bloke used to make DRC Montrachet so it's fair to say he knows his way around a white ferment. This is astoundingly good. Vamos!

    Oh, there's more Occhipinti too! 2019 Contrada's are here, alongside a newbie. Santa Margherita 2020, which is Arianna's first white contrada bottling. It's decent, trust me. Talk about touching everything and becoming golden.... Limited quantities available here.

    Dan's is open as usual this week, and I'm back from a short break ready to pour wines.