3rd November – BOUJEE BOOZE! New Jura, New Beaujolais, New Burgundy, New Chenin! Icons FTW 😈


    Crook back today. Wednesday was non-stop box shifting, my favourite kind of day. It's all worth it though, to see your collective eyes light up at the sight of whats to come. Collective palates salivate at the though of effortless consumption. Makes me thirsty.

    This is gonna be a bit of an info dump, so strap yourselves in. 

    Gutsy new Beaujolais from Clotaire Michal. Gorgeous wines crying out for a chilly autumnal afternoon filled with cheese and sofa time. Have a crack.

    Good things come to those who demand it. Way more Sylvain Pataille has found it's way into my cute wine lair. Give it a new home.


    Didier Grappe 🙃 A ripping Savagnin is here, just 4 you. Right here.

    ALL THE CHATILLON. Not for long though. Hello!

    Adore Chenin? Me 2

    Thomas Batardiere and Chateau de Bonnezeaux. Iconic. Limited. Very much so.

    One for my R|hone Rangers too! More Clos des Grillons, including some of the spanking Esprit Libre. JAJA!

    PUT ME TO WORK!!!!

    Cya round xxx