5th April – 👀 The Real Rinaldi, Extra Guillot, Spring Whites and a side order of Jura Zingers...


    Today's a really good day, especially if you like nice things. It's actually going to be a really good week, with more to come on Thursday. But for now, let's focus on today, as it's going to be good and all.

    Ok so Rinaldi! Like, real Rinaldi, not the stuff labelled on a wine list as Rinaldi brought to the table as Francesco etc etc (still good wines, but not this good). Drink on sight for me, although sightings are all too rare, so I am fkn pumped to have some to sell (drink). One of THE iconic estates, anywhere, cult status in Piemonte, and globally. The wines of the great, and unfortunately late Beppe, and now his wife Alessia and two daughters Carlotta and Marta are staunch in their old-school mentality. Old vines, huge old botti and extreme levels of personality. There's bugger all to go round, so don't wait on these. 

    I'll sandwich the more exxy gear with some more affordable but no less iconic booze. Domaine de la Pepiere craft upper echelon Muscadet that graces the finest wine lists around the world, and now can grace your fridge and table. The classic is Oysters, but as with all great wines, versatility is pronounced. Just pretend you're by the coast when drinking these. Sea spray and all. Hit the chippy. 

    More Burgs! Clos des Vignes du Maynes! Guillot! Shit! Every time I open one of these I'm blown away, and those who get to drink it have the universal response of "my god, this is insane". In a world where things are quite often overpriced, overhyped and mediocre, it's a true pleasure to see wines like these. Naturally produced Pinot Noir, Gamay and Chardonnay of the highest order. Remember the name.

    I'll leave you with a fresh re-load of Domaine des Marnes Blanches, one of my Jura darlings. I opened the Chardonnay 'Molates' at last months Jura tasting, and it was wine of the night. Understated and classy, with that nerviness cutting things to shreds. It's a producer trait. Multiple cuvees of Chardy and Savagnin now available. 

    Ok, that's it for today. Off to do what I do best. Pack boxes. Remember, order by 2:30pm and get it next business day.