6th October – Just What The Dr Ordered 🙀 Timo Mayer + Muradella + Pianogrillo


    I thought that being in Sydney and getting a tan would make everyone jealous. Turns out the place is flooding and it's warmer/sunnier back in London. Just my luck. You're all ever more lucky as some thumpers have landed.

    Timo Mayer, perhaps the most charismatic winemaker/person I've ever met, does his thing down in the Yarra Valley. He's a specialist on whole bunch ferments, so if you like your wine spicy but also beautiful, then these are 100% worth a gander. Looksy here.

    Spain now. Hot Spain. Quinta da Muradella. These are reference point wines for many a producer of Spanish wine or otherwise that I like. Usually I just buy them for personal consumption, but that's just rude. I'll stop being rude now. Extreme vineyards, even by Galician standards and meticulous management/winemaking. Mature too. Yummy. Have a crack here.

    Freshies from Pianogrillo, another Sicilian producer absolutely kicking goals. Expressive, extremely drinkable reds. Tis the season after all. 

    Beaujolais Nouveau is on the horizon and we're throwing a party. Tickets go on sale next week. All I can say is that we'll be pouring far better wine than Nouveau, and there may also be raclette...

    We never stop packing and delivering, like literally 7 days a week now, but our couriers do. So, if you're outside of London, the usual rules apply. Order by 2:30pm and you'll have it for the weekend. In London, our courier is amazing and only takes rest on the Sabbath, so you've until Friday 2:30pm to do the business.

    xxx miss you already.