What’s up winos,

    Megan here with your weekly Thursday dispatch. Anyone else tired of being cold? I was in Switzerland at the weekend at a wedding (flex) and it was pure culture shock coming back to the UK and still feeling like it was February. The weather is probably not a hot take – if I ever actually opened my Guardian app I’d probably see it’s front page news – but I just wanted to whine about it. Whine over! On to business. Got two exciting items to share with you today before I get on to the actual wine portion of this email. Bear with.

    If you spend your life on the Natty Boy website, which I’m sure no-one but me actually does, you might have noticed a little update – down at the bottom of each product we now have a little spiel about each producer. This was a real labour of love (hate?) for me for the last six months – we have a lot of producers, as it turns out – although it sped up considerably once Fionn came on board and started chipping away at it too. So now when you buy your wine you can nerd out reading about the person who made it, or you can impress your boyfriend’s parents by spouting off about the winemaker, or you can bore someone on the tube about it. So many options.

    Business item #2 – in the next couple of months, you’re gonna be able to get your paws on Natty Boy Wines’ very own MAGAZINE. That’s right, people! It’s going to be just like these emails except PRETTIER and something you can physically HOLD IN YOUR HANDS. Can you tell I’m excited? What gave me away? Four times a year you’ll be able to read all about our latest producer visits, things we’re drinking, stories of debaucherous nights on top-drawer piss, all kinds of junk. What I want to know is, what do you want to read about? I’ve got tonnes of ideas, some good, some not so good, but I want to hear from you. Do you want to find out about the worst bottle of wine I ever drank? Do you want to read about the origin story of Natty Boy, accompanied by a photo spread of Dan driving a Zipcar all over London delivering orders, back before we became the empire we are today? Do you want to find out where you can buy industrial-sized cans of Perello olives? Jokes, obviously I’m not gonna tell you that. But we are wide open for any and all other ideas. Hit me up, I can’t wait to hear them.

    Back to wine – this week I’m feeling fizzy. Had a lot (a lot a lot) of champagne at the aforementioned Swiss wedding and the mood has persisted even though I’m back in blighty now. This one is a brand new banger from the Veneto that’s a blend of about ten different grapes I can’t spell, all coming together to make a ripper of a lunchtime wine. This is a personal fave of mine, grapes and apples co-fermented for a cider-y, refreshing mouth party. Mouth party? Sure. On the more classic side of things, this one is a winner, and also happens to be the wine Dan gave me to congratulate me on passing my WSET Level 3. Isn’t he nice? If your budget is bottomless, throw some money at this one from the same producers – it’s ridiculous. Transportative. Microsoft Word is telling me that isn’t a word, but I don’t care. It’s the only word to describe it.

    Enough from me, I have to go stare at my beautiful additions to the website. You should too.

    Love u!