8th February – Fresh Testalonga Is Here! Plus a Rhone Syrah, made in Burgundy that will set hearts on fire 😈

    Morning. Trust me, it's a good one.

    First full week of being a part time barman/shopkeep is done and dusted, and I'm now casting my eye over the shelves for this weeks by the glass victims down at dan's. As those of you who have been fortunate enough to swing by for some of my hospitality will know by know, the list is a throbbing, pleasure den of vinous consumption. More on this later. 

    The 2021s from Testalonga are here. The gift that is February keeps giving. I've snaffled a decent chunk this time, especially of the lil Baby Banditos and twin Fizz experiences. The top end gear is a little harder to come by, and some eagle eyed folk have already started shopping so if you're into nice wine from South Africa... CLICK HERE NOW DAMMIT! In a world where unfortunately half the wine that comes across my desk either lacks personality, is faulty or just doesn't taste good, it's refreshing to get a complete range from someone adhering to a very strict natural regime yet making clean wines that speak of place and grape. Rare beasts indeed!

    Back to the BTG dream in a round about way.

    Chantereves! I spoke about them the other day. Now I've got the Syrah online. This has been smoking on the pour. Everyone who's lips it graces begs for a bottle to takeaway. No! I say, there must be enough to go around! And now there is. I've taken most of the 2015 left in circulation for you lovelies. Fruit from near Valreas in the Southern Rhone. Vineyards planted at altitude and farmed organically. Whole bunch ferment with a bit of carbonic, no added SO2. Again! Minimal intervention done properly yielding insane results. Get some here!

    That's all for today, a pallet of cardboard with my name written all over it has just shown up. God Speed. Hope to see you in the real soon!