Hope you've had a lovely morning deleting your inbox. Here's some relief.

    You really do know summer has started in these parts when the morning dog walk becomes an hour long mission of trying to stop them eating sh*t in the park. A wonderous time, that early morning light, a bit of dew, a half eaten kebab and the remnants of what must have at one point been a sizeable box of fried chicken. Love it. Great way to start the day! A secondary indication is that you've probably dismantled what was left of your white/pink/skins shelf in the fridge, we all have one dw. Totally fair. It's been sunny. Bizarrely enough I'm semi-contemplating sacking off a trip to Sardinia for Devon as it's gonna be hotter here. What a time! Enough about me and my holiday plans. More about you...

    Say g'day to Succes Vinicola. A cheeky little operation from up in the mountains near Barcelona. An ever happy hunting ground for us, and you. A ripping white and ultra light, chillable red are on the cards for those of you who choose to drink well. Life is tough sometimes. Ease up here.

    Andi Mann. What a man. This part of Germany, Rheinhessen, is on the up and up. Just you watch. A bunch of young folk are making unmanipulated wines of great personality. They also mostly studied at Geisenheim, so they actually know what they're doing. Come n see what all the fuss is about. Just do it.

    We recently did a tasting with Partida Creus. Did you come? Yay for you if yes, Oh no if not. I'm sure they'll be back. In the meantime, you should be sipping on their Muz. By sipping I mean swigging, which I'm sure you already knew. A bit of ice and some orange. Maybe even some tonic if it's before midday. You choose your own journey in these parts. On the tasting front, we've got a few juicy things lined up for you all, starting on Monday the 12th. Scar of the Sea and Lady of the Sunshine. Two ripping names, two unreal producers. Not to be missed. 

    Back 2 work! It's been my pleasure.