G'DAY M8s!

    Legit g'day too, as I write to you from back home. Full on international pen pals. Pls wb. 

    You know how we throw tasting evenings at dan's, and they're really, really good? Here's another, and it's going to be dreamy. Cheese dreamz and wet dreamz combine. On Monday 17th April we're joined by our friends from Jumi Cheese for an evening of the good stuff. Tickets are limited, and we'll be pouring things from Radikon, Dodane and Bonneau. Upper echelon wine and god level cheese. You're welcome. Don't be silly, grab a spot here.

    What else is new?

    More on dan's. We're gonna be open 7/7 from the 17th. Epic vibes 7 days a week. It's gnarly how well received the bar has been over the first year, I'm truly taken aback. So it seems only fitting at we are now in the position to reward you all with an extra evening of self-saucing. Particularly important heading into the longer days. What a time!

    New wine too, because we don't stop.

    Skinsy numbers from Yannick Meckert have just landed and listed. Meckert is one of the emerging Alsatian producers to keep tabs on if you like nice things. Do the double.

    A bit of easy to like, fruit forward gear from the Lorie Valley too. Things that can go in the fridge and make you happy. Domaine de la Petite Soeur are the loving providers of said juice. It is right to give thanks and praise.

    So much stuff!

    Lastly, I've a favour to ask. We're looking for the next dan's locale. If you live somewhere in the world, and are desperate for a wine bar that's more pub like and gregarioius but still pours some of the best wine in the world then let us know, and who knows, maybe we'll open a new local for you. It's called giving back.

    I srsly love you all and miss you loads.