1st February – New Month, Same Me, But Heaps of New Booze! Say g'day to Bize, Duband, Delinquente and much, much more hehe

    Why hello there, how's things? I'm well, thanks for thinking of asking. 

    February is a great month. For one, it's my birthday in a couple of weeks, which is cause enough. But for some it marks the return to consumption of the fermented grape juice. It also marks a tonne of new arrivals as everyone in the Southern Hemisphere makes a bit of room for the incoming harvest. A perfect storm IMHO.

    But I'll start in France. It may only be early in the year but I reckon I've already tasted a contender for best wine out. The 2017 Savigny-les-Beaune from Domaine Bize. I've already something of a crush on this producer so it's perhaps unsurprising that I was so turned on by this wine, but turned on I was. There's a load of new releases coming in tomorrow from this esteemed maker. By new releases I mean wines released with decent bottle age that are ready to drink. Crikey! Lock me up and throw away the key. Get some here. 

    Got some 2019 Duband coming too. This is pure liquid seduction. A lesson in control of whole bunch fermentation. Highly recommended consumption. Just add some duck pancakes and thank me later.

    Off to Greece now! Yay! A couple of new wines from the guys at Tetramythos. Playful, accessible and downright delicious. A bit more friendly on the old hip pocket too which never hurts. Yummy wine is here.

    FINALLY. SOME MORE DELINQUENTE. I honestly never thought I'd be so excited to get some piss from the Riverland, but how times change. A stack of 2021 white and reds, and some more Pet-Nat too. Off you go, do your worst, you are welcome.

    I've also just gotten in a load of new bargain bangers to flesh out the mixed case situation. These won't make it onto the website at the moment as I don't have the time what with pouring glasses and cutting cheese now added to the repertoire. But rest assured, your random mixed case is about to get a whole lot more spicy.

    dan's is closed tomorrow from 6:30-9pm for a tasting, but feel free to swing by either before or after. Normal hours from Thurs. Let's ave it!