On 🎯


    I'm back! Moderately big news on the home front, in that the dynasty is secured with the arrival little Maggie into our lives. Father and baby are doing well. Thanks for asking. Mother too, she has me looking after her tbf. Wine consumption has slowed, but quality has risen to even more significant heights. I am not complaining. More on this later.

    The impending arrival of a second baby is now front of mind. Ken's is just weeks away from bums on seats and broken glasses. Much like Jenny from the Block, I am fully aware of how this all started, so it will be all of you through the door first. In the next week or two, once the builders start to make the right noises, we'll be opening bookings for softs and the first few weeks. First in best dressed. Dress nicely. Can't wait, it looks really cute.


    Crystallum is back, but not for long. One of my best mates works for the importer here, which you think would get us more wine, but appartently it doesn't. Weird. The 2022's are here, another in a series of stunning vintages defined by low yields and incredible structure. What we lack in quantity, we make up for in class. There's Cuvee Cinema, which is spicier this time round, and Mabalel, ethereal as always. This is some of the best Pinot running around, anywhere. Maybe if I write even more complimentary things they'll fly me over to South Africa (g'day if you're reading PA and Ben...). What we have is available here.

    Onto what I've been drinking.

    This, from AMI, was ballistic. Everything from AMI is ballistic. All things I want in a wine were there. Cut, thrust, presence, fruit, texture, meal and savoury things. The length. F me, the length. 

    I leave you with old faithful. Have been tucking into this guy over the past week, a bit here and there. For something with such minimal SO2 and minimal handling, the staying power is sublime. How do you say j'adore in Italian? Doesn't matter. Have a sip.
    GTG, nappies!