I must have been a Saint in a former life. Either that or we're just really good at what we do. You choose. I know what I think. We're in the midst of allocation heaven around here atm. One day its Ganevat, Bornard the next. A sprinkle of Foillard, Pataille and Occhipinti just to season the whole lot. It's an envious meal. Cue the feeding frenzy. There's more to come over the weekend too. What a world we live in.

    If any of those aforementioned names made you feel something, read to the end. There's more important stuff to discuss first. 

    I felt like I hadn't been lifting enough boxes lately, so last week saw the arrival of a plethora of fresh and fragrant bottles, practically begging the sun to come to play. If you head to the Freshies section and scroll past all the Jura, you'll find nirvana. For long time readers (love you hehe) it'll be pretty evident exactly what style of wine I'm gonna wax about now, and for the newbies, all I'll say is that I have great taste and you're in safe, soft hands.

    It is officially Muscadet Season. Fire up the grill, throw on some Sardines and rip out the Maldon. We don't sell Maldon, but we do sell Mitani, which is one of life's great condiments. Could be an idea. Anyway, Muscadet, when it's done properly, provides everything one could want from white wine. Acidity, salinity and moreish complexity. All these wine wanker buzz words have the potential to make me sound twatish. I guess that's my cross to bear. Just rip a cork out of some of these Jo Landron wines, look in the mirror and say saline three times.

    Rinse and repeat on the above with this gear from Northern Spain. A mesmeric hunting ground for wine. I can think of worse places to be. This, from the lusciously named Fazenda Augalevada, is a decent place to kick things off. Choose your own journey!

    Onto the big guns. Recently we have received mouth-watering amounts of wine from the following producers. Ganevat, Bornard, Bouillet (hot ticket), Pataille, Cossard and Occhipinti. When they're gone, they're gone. Do your worst.