We had a wine tasting last week. It was quite fun actually. Like all of them. They really are quite fun. It was a Tuesday night, not a Friday, and so provided a chance for everyone to just chill out and have fun at a point in the week which can be a tad miserable. 

    The response to my question of ‘How was your day?’ was almost unanimously ‘Well, let’s just say it’s about to get better’. So, Tuesdays make a good day for a wine tasting. For you, and for us; because we aren't constantly running around like headless chickens, make more money than we would on a normal Tuesday, AND we get to try the wines too – we never normally drink on shift of course.

    The only negative for us is that we then have a LOAD of polishing to do all at once at the end of the night. But do you know what, since we’ve gone from a team of two+, just Ru and boss man Dan + Aussie Ed when he has a mo, even the post-tasting clear-up has become a breeze with the lightning energies of Megsy Meg and Tom from Tel Aviv (well, near Tel Aviv – I just liked the TT) running around the joint. Phew, cause I’m cream crackered and waiting for the blue skies to become more consistent (fingers crossed) – are you too?

    Anyway, that was a very subtle intro to our newest member of the team, Tom, who’s an absolute star. You’ll see him and his curly black locks, moderate tash and infectious grin bopping around the bar. A wonderful addition to the team taking us from the fabulous four to fantastic five (yep, that’s as good as you’re gonna get from me today, soz).

    Right, back to the tasting: Wines of Volcanic Slovkia, hosted by the lovely Villiam Tomcanyi who you can find @slavwhowines. 2 of the best Pét Nat’s I’ve tried. One an orange Pét Nat of pure damn frothy deliciousness (Pivnica Cajkov - Vulcanica #6). And the other, a rose Pét Nat - even frothier damn deliciousness (Pivnica Cajkov - Red Gull). In fact, the CO2 got so incredibly excited at receiving some air, that it blew the bottles top off, to Tom’s detriment, and continued to splurge and spirt froth over its rim for quite some time…. Yes, very, very frothy. Anyway, once we managed to tame each bottle, the juice was poured and consumed with delight. These were the excitable wines. The other stuff was also exciting; a white, two oranges and a red, a Wild Beauty Blaufränkisch red to be specific.

    When discussing the red, Villiam announced that he both likes and dislikes Blaufränkisch and will only drink it if it is the way he likes. Fresh, fruity and fun. Makes sense. And the way he likes it was the way that the Blaufränkisch he had bought to the tasting had been made. Also makes sense. They were all fresh and fun, they really were. Just like the evening. Quite fun really. So, why not buy a ticket to our next really quite fun wine tasting. Well, not the next one, or the one after that (tix are sold out) but keep an eye on our emails, Instagram and the events section of our website, which has has just had a facelift btw.

    Cheers ladies and lads and have a wonderful, if not frothy rest of week,

    Blaufränkisch Wild Beauty Ruth hehe xoxox