What’s up winos,

    I’m back from New York and missing it already, even with its charming 32-degree-Celsius (300 degrees Fahrenheit? Idk) heat. But I’m not one to dwell. Much. Let’s move on.

    Had our Envínate (English: wine yourself) tasting on Tuesday and it was a banger. If you came and forgot to order your wines after the fact, I’ve got you. If you didn’t manage to snag a ticket and are regretting your life decisions, I’ve got you. Here’s what I’ve got.

    La Santa de Ursula is a combo platter of Listán Negro, Negramoll and Listán Blanco, which, if you’re not a Tenerife wine-head are probably just a series of Spanish sounds to you, but they represent something special. Super old (like old old) vines produced a wine with tonnes of depth and interest. Word of the day is ENERGY.

    Moving over to Galicia, Lousas ‘Doad’ is a single-varietal Mencía, but it’s a blend in every other way – blend of sites, blend of years, blend of soils. A real mezcla, as the Spaniards say. Just ask the producers how good my Spanish is (don’t ask them that). This is all nervy red fruit, shredded by a nice little acid backbone. How do you say ‘woof’ in Spanish?

    Last up is Albahra, probably the most accessible of Envínate’s wines, though that’s not to say it’s simple – there’s plenty going on here to keep you interested, from the floral aromas to the spicy, mineral palate. This one’s great with a little chill on it, aka the only sane way to consume red wine in this weather. Or what was this weather a couple weeks ago and which is hopefully going to return shortly.

    Final point on my agenda – there are only six tickets left for our British pét nat tasting on the 1st of August. Do the right thing (and do it fast, there are a lot of people on this mailing list…………)

    Love u!