Domaine Henri Milan, 'Le Vallon' 2003

Domaine Henri Milan, 'Le Vallon' 2003

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A chance to nab and drink some mature Milan? Take it. This guy is mature, so give him a little air so he can open up, especially on the palate. Anyway. Got that five spice thing going on that good, old Grenache gets alongside some sweet fruit and domineering tertiary action. 


Producer: Domaine Henri Milan

Region/Country: Provence, France

Grape/s: Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah

Production Method: Organic/biodynamic viticulture. Hand harvested grapes are co-fermented with wild yeast before being matured for 12 months in old oak barrels. Bottled without fining, filtration or added SO2.

Style: Mature. Sweet fruited and savoury with prominent tertiary notes of dried spice and leather.



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