Agnes Paquet Ali Boit Boit NV

AGNES PAQUET 'Ali Boit Boit' Méthode Ancestrale NV

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A super crisp Méthode Ancestrale style fizz with citrus and orchard fruit character.


Agnes Paquet is based in Meloisey, Côte de Beaune, Burgundy and produces wines of extreme purity from organically farmed vineyards throughout Burgundy. Ali Boit Boit is made from Aligoté in the Méthode Ancestrale style, whereby the primary fermentation is stopped by chilling, and then completes in bottle without the addition of liqueur d’expedition as per the Champagne method, trapping the CO2. Crisp and fruity with refreshing acidity and a touch of residual sugar. A great summer smasher, crown sealed for easy access!

Variety: Aligote

Profile: Burgundy's second white grape, oftentimes similar in style and structure to Chardonnay with perhaps less longevity and ageing potential. Aligote typically produces fresh and crisp wines with tart acidity. More and more producers are treating Aligote with more respect, perhaps due to the price of Chardonnay in Burgundy, and experimenting with traditional Burgundian vinifcation resulting in wines with greater intensity and riper fruit character. Aligote from a top producer can be an absolute steal.

Classic Regions: Bouzeron, Auxerre, Cote d'Or (France)

Domaine Agnès Paquet

In 1999, Agnes Paquet decided to take over 3 hectares of family vineyards in Auxey-Duresses. She is extremely attentive to the subtleties of terroir and pursues a fairly classic approach in the vineyards. Since 2004, there have been no chemical herbicides, and currently treatments are copper and sulphur-based. She has not pursued organic or bio certification, but adheres to those principles.

From The Natty Boy

A beautifully sparkling made in the Ancestrale method. This is one of the oldest methods for producing sparkling wine, and historically would have been a bit of a gamble with bottles exploding and what not. Nowadays it's a lot more controlled! As with Champagne the secondary fermentation (which gives the carbonation) occurs in the bottle, however the finished wine will not be disgorged or adjusted before shipping, so there will be a light sediment toward the end of the bottle. Agnes Paquet is one of my favourite Burgundy producers, her wines have this level of purity and femininity that is too often lacking as producers chase ripeness and strength. Her farming follows the lutte raisonnee principles, which is essentially a pragmatic approach to organics - they will only intervene if entirely necessary to save a crop, otherwise the farming is entirely minimal interventionist. This is super fresh and vibrant. It's made from Aligote (the second white variety of Burgundy) so has this extraordinary acid line and pronounced orchard fruit character. It'd be great for an interesting aperitif but also has more than enough going on to stand up to lighter main dishes. It's also nice and clean, so you won't get any weird looks like I do sometimes when I throw some more experimental fizz onto the table! 



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