Alessandro Viola, 'Note di Bianco' 2020

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Grillo planted at altitude. Heaps of Mediterranean herb and saline pleasure overlaying some lovely citrus and stone fruit here. Very tasty! Everything here is geared toward preserving freshness. Picked a bit early, fermented in stainless. There's so much to like here. What a guy.


Wine: ALESSANDRO VIOLA 'Note di Bianco'

Producer: Alessandro Viola

Region/Country: Sicily, Italy

Grape/s: Grillo

Production Method: Organic farming. Wild yeast ferment in stainless steel, bottled with minimal SO2

Style: Medium bodied with pretty zippy acidity and citrusy, saline presence

Pairing Suggestion: Seafood, Vegetarian dishes

Alessandro Viola

There's more to Sicily than Mount Etna. Case in point. Viola is based up in Alcamo, on the north coast toward Palermo. The family has been growing grapes here for generations, with Alessandro returning home with some international experience and propelling their estate forward. The 5ha of vineyards are planted at 600-700m of altitude, in a mountain pass that benefits from natural groundwater reserves and that obvious Sicilian sunshine. Altitude also means cooler nights, and the preservation of natural acidity, giving freshness to the end wine. Winemaking uses indigenous yeasts and involves minimal SO2 save for stability reasons. 



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