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  • CA’ DI RAJO Lemoss Frizzante Non-Filtrato NV
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Ca' di Rajo, 'Lemoss' Frizzante Non-Filtrato NV

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A delicious, cloudy, moreish natural fizz! Low on fizz so you can slam it down fast! This is a proper go-to bottle for anyone after an aperitif style of fizz that actually has flavour. Everyone loves it, seriously, give it to your Gran, Pam or Jan down the road, they'll all love it.


Ca' di Rajo are an independent, family operation in the Veneto, Italy. Lemoss  is produced in the old fashioned Col Fondo style: unfilterted and cloudy, with zero dosage and less spritz than modern day Prosecco. Vivid yellow in colour, with inviting aromas of lemon citrus, green apple, summer florals and light baked goods. The palate is lightly honeyed with fresh acidity and a beautiful, dry finish.

Wine: CA’ DI RAJO Lemoss Frizzante Non-Filtrato NV

Producer: Ca’ Di Rajo

Region/Country: Conegliano Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy

Grape/s: Glera

Production Method: Cal Fondo, traditional method of bottle fermentation, unfiltered.

Style: Cloudy, intense aromatics of fruit, yeast, florals

Pairing Suggestion: Great as an aperitif

From The Natty Boy

It's declassified Prosecco produced in the Col Fondo style, which means the lees (dead yeast cells) from the secondary fermentation (which is what gives sparkling wine it's effervescence) are left in the bottle, giving the naturally cloudy appearance, its lovely texture and adding a bready/yeasty character that normally eludes the fizz from this part of Italy. Had this one with a few mates at the back end of summer and it disappeared very quickly. Very moreish, full of summery flavours of lemon and green apple alongside this really lovely rustic charm and moreish nature. Great Fizz, probably the most popular on the site, people keep coming back for more. This is a style that's coming back into popularity now, I guess there are a bunch of Italian producers getting bored with pumping out fairly bog standard Prosecco and are trying to make a change! Good for us!