Can Sumoi, Ancestral Sumoll 2018

Can Sumoi, Ancestral Sumoll 2018

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Sumoll vinified white offering up loads of natural acid freshness, herbal bite and rounded, wild fruit profile. Top notch natural fizz from one of Spain's most celebrated fizz producers.


Wine: CAN SUMOI Ancestral Sumoll 2018

Producer: Can Sumoi

Region/Country: Massís del Montmell, Spain

Grape/s: Sumoll

Production Method: Blanc de Noirs. Organic and biodynamic farming. Native yeasts, secondary fermentation in bottle with no disgorgement. No SO2 additions

Style: Floral and black fruited, this really glides across the palate. Bone dry and lightweight

Pairing Suggestion: Seafood and vegetarian dishes



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