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Chateau Le Puy, VDF 'Barthélémy' 2018

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85% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. A rare single vineyard bottling for Bordeaux, coming off "Les Rocs", a plot planted onto particularly deep limestone bedrock. 24 months in oak, no additives at any stage. Natural Pomerol I guess. There's density here, power too, but it glides along. It's pretty rare that I get excited about Merlot, but then again this is Le Puy. It's a beauty, the right bank having fared far better in the warmer 2018 vintage. Voluptuous and welcoming. Seductive is probably the right word.

Chateau le Puy

Hard to know what to say about this estate, every man and his dog has already had a stab. I'll keep it personal to begin with. Although Bordeaux, and the Right Bank in particular, was one of the first proper regions I visited and fell in love with, I ended up never drinking the stuff. Where I worked and learnt the trade was pro-Burgundy, and there's no room for the other B-word. Anyway, I went to a dinner one night, all wines were served blind, and someone had brought an older Barthélémy, mid-90's or something. It proceeded to smoke everything, looking fresh as a daisy, no one picked the decade. What a wine. Now I drink anything from Le Puy on sight. This 400 year old property is as "natural" as they come, a big stretch in this part of the world. Biodynamic farming, moving further toward permaculture. Wild ferments, minimal if at all existent SO2 additions. Not sure what else to say. Iconic. We're blessed they're located in the Francs Côtes de Bordeaux rather than a stones throw away in Pomerol, no one would be able to afford the wines.