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Château Tour des Gendres, Pet Nat 2021

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This is Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin, so as you'd expect it's superbly racy and crisp. Orchard and citrus fruit flavoured, a bit creamy, with gentle froth. A far more interesting aperitif!


Producer: Chateau Tour des Gendres

Region/Country: Bergerac, France

Grape/s: Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc

Production Method: Organic farming. Ancestral method sparkling with primary ferment in tank before juice is transferred to bottle without any filtration to complete fermentation. Undisgorged so this will develop a light sediment over time.

Style: Lightly sparkling with racy acidity and orchard fruit character.

Pairing Suggestion: Salads and vegetable dishes.

From The Natty Boy

A family operation in Bergerac, SW France, who have been experimenting with different fermentation vessels, methods and sulphur regimes since the early 2010’s. Bergerac is a region which always falls into the shadow of nearby Bordeaux, but alongside its lesser regarded neighbours is now something of a hotbed for some of the most interesting wines coming out of France at present, and certainly some of the most experimental. All farming on the estate is organic and this wine sees no additions of sulphur. Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc in the mix here, produced in the methode ancestrale style. You don’t normally get Sauvignon in sparkling form as it is naturally too aromatic, but they’ve got it spot on here, and the balance of Chenin adds some restraint. Following a very gentle press, which helps reduce the amount of Sauvignon fragrance in the wine, the initial ferment was in stainless steel. The wine was then lightly filtered so as not to throw a large sediment, before being transferred to bottle for secondary fermentation. Undisgorged and no SO2. This process differs from Champagne in that there is no measured liqueur de tirage added to initiate the second fermentation, rather the initial residual sugar left in the wine is what kicks things off. So we are left with a wine of lower ABV, fresher profile and much less of that toasty complexity, making it the perfect aperitif style.