COTO DE GOMARIZ Flower and the Bee Red 2018

COTO DE GOMARIZ Flower and the Bee Red 2019

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I’m so into the reds of Northern Spain, they have this amazing combo of fleshy fruit and mineral freshness. A bargain.


Wine: COTO DE GOMARIZ Flower and the Bee Red

Producer: Coto de Gomariz

Region/Country: Galicia, Spain

Grape/s: Sousón

Production Method: Organic farming. Temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel and bottled young and fresh without fining.

Style: Lively red cherry and red currant fruit profile alongside refreshing acidity and a light/medium body

Pairing Suggestion: You could get away drinking this with fatty seafood dishes!

Coto de Gomariz

Nestled at the eastern edge of Galicia, the Ribeiro DO is split by three rivers. Coto de Gomariz is located in the zone of Ribeiro where the slopes overlook the Avia river and consists of 27 hectares. Shisteous, granitic and sandy soils, steep slopes, tiny yields and a unique microclimate make this spot ideal for growing the local varieties which include Treixadura, Godello, Loureira and Albariño. Owner Ricardo Carreiro and winemaker Xosé Lois Sebio have introduced biodynamic principles, and are producing great wines at great prices.



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