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  • ESCODA-SANAHUJA Nas del Gegant 2018
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Escoda-Sanahuja, 'Nas del Gegant' 2019

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Juicy, fragrant, herbal and a little bit peppery. So much going on here and so tasty!


Escoda-Sanahuja is the biodynamic operation of Joan Escoda based in the Conca de Barberà DO in Catalunya. His winemaking is hands off - using native yeasts and bottling without fining or filtration. The resultant style is incredibly pure fruited and terroir driven, up there with the best and cleanest Natural wines being produced in Spain at present.

Producer: Escoda-Sanahuja

Region/Country: Catalunya, Spain

Grape/s: Merlot, Garnacha, Carignan, Cabernet Franc

Production Method: Biodynamic farming and minimal intervention winemaking. Bottled without fining or filtration.

Style: Bright and pure. It’s fruity, herbal and spicy all at once. A great drink.

Pairing Suggestion: Mediterranean cuisine, grilled meats, vegetarian dishes


His winery started in 1997, in Conca de Barberà a DO which is rarely seen on bottles, and has grown from his dream to create naturals wines utilising biodynamic agriculture. He “respects the fruit to the maximum”, his vines grow next to olives and almonds, and also keeps cows, horses, chickens and other assorted poultry, enabling him to meet his compost needs ‘in-house’. Vegetation is left between the rows to encourage biodiversity, and maintain soil moisture in this dry climate. In the winery he uses native yeasts, no fining nor filtration.