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  • FINCA CASA BALAGUER Tragolargo Blanco 2020
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Finca Casa Balaguer, 'Tragolargo' Blanco 2021

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This is a banger. Fleshy yet crisp with lovely floral intensity and moreish complexity. A great starting point.

From The Natty Boy

This is an unreal small producer, making waves for Alicante in the Spanish wine scene. Production from this part of Spain used to focus on sweeter red wines owing to the warm climate and fortified tradition of the south but thankfully there are a few producers moving with the times, crafting lighter, fresher wines from the local varieties spearheaded by Garnacha and Moscatel. They farm 20ha according to organic and biodynamic principles located in two areas. One is on an elevated plain at 600m above sea level, and the other within the Parc Natural de la Mata right on the coast, with both sites having sandy, saline soils which restrict vigour and influence the final texture of the wine. Everything in the winery is minimal intervention, with no additions, fining or filtration and no added SO2. Tragolago is a blend of 70% Moscatel with 30% Malvasia which is fermented in stainless steel and spends 30 days in contact with the skins. A wonderfully deep colour and really expressive nose with stone fruits, grape and elderflower/orange blossom florals dominating. Super drying on the palate, yet with lovely acidity and a saline kick. This kind of drying feeling is really moreish, it’s a characteristic you get a lot in Sherry, and is why a glass of Fino or Manzanilla before a meal is so bloody good! One to try next time you can dine out. Malvasia contributes the lift and drive and the Moscatel the overt fruit character. Great wine, really good intro to the style and it shits all over many more expensive skinsy wines but I won’t name names!