JF GANEVAT Savagnin 'Les Resistants' 2017

Jean-François Ganevat, Savagnin 'Les Resistants' 2017

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Somewhat of a regional blend in this frost affected vintage. Topped-up, crystalline Savagnin with layers of complexity.


Please note that due to the limited quantity of this wine available it is not subject to further discount.

Jean Francois Ganevat

In 1999, Ganevat converted his property to biodynamic viticulture. In 2006 he completely eliminated the use of sulphur. He says the resulting wines are much better and fresher (no mushroom or buttery notes), lighter on their feet and more expressive. This achievement is only possible with clean fruit and proper vineyard management (15 people work full time the 13 hectares of vine) and spotless clean equipment. Since 2013, Jean-François also buys fruit from a total of 10 trusted growers, all of them friends, including two ex-employees who worked for him for many years. The “negoce” was started with his sister Anne to respond to lower yields and increasing climate events (hail among others).



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