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La Stoppa, Macchiona 2013

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Oki doki, where to start? So if La Stoppa are rightly considered one of the iconic Italian estates, then their top wine should rightly be considered one of the iconic Italian wines. It's certainly one of the most individual, and should be on most people's list of "need to try" wines. Barbera and Bonarda from Emilia Romagna, it does have a nice ring to it. Fully organic here, no chemicals have ever touched the soil, and there's no manipulation in the winery. Wild yeasts, large format oak, no fining, filtration or SO2 added. 

So much going on here, all good things. Just hitting those early years of maturity, with earth laden savouriness kicking into gear. Something about maturing Italian reds, bloody hell, you don't get that rustic sense anywhere else, so good. It'll keep you diving back in for more.