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Michel Delhommeau, Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 'Symbiose' 2020

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This is sublime! If you're after something zippy and fresh but with a bit more oomph then this is for you! Add seafood and you're sorted.

From The Natty Boy

The Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine region sits right on the Atlantic coast of France and is very much seafood territory. There’s a sub-appellation here called sur lie which dictates that the wines rest on their fine lees in cask for a specific period, and are only allowed to be bottled in the spring. This gives an added layer of complexity, and also helps to prevent oxidation down the line meaning these can be really long lived wines when they come from good growers. Soils are varied here and Marcel vinifies and bottles the wines depending on what soil the grapes come from. Symbiose is from gneiss soils which is formed as granite metamorphosizes as continental plates collide. It produces wines that are typically mineral and racy in style. Farming is organic on the estate, which is pretty good going considering it’s pretty wet and coastal in this part of France. Melon de Bourgogne (the grape of Muscadet) shows lots of natural orchard fruit aromas and flavours and really tart acidity (like biting into a fresh green apple) so really benefits from lees maturation to soften some of this character. For me the best wines of Muscadet have a Chablis character to them, and this is so here. Crisp and mineral driven with a really coastal feel with sea salt and brine coming through. The classic pairing is seafood but you’d be excused for just polishing this off on its own. I’d love to see it with some age.